Monday 22 October

12.00–13.00 Lunch and registration

13.00–13.30 PLENUM

  • Opening ceremony, artistic performance, welcome
  • Professor Kari Smith (NO), Academic leader of NAFOL
  • Vice-Dean of research Susan Lee Nacey (NO), Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

13.30–14.30 PLENUM

  • Keynote: Should we be widening the gap between teaching and research? Download abstract (pdf file)
  • Professor Gert Biesta (GB), Brunel University London
  • Chair: Student cohort 6

14.30–14.45 Questions to keynote speaker

14.45–15.15 Break

15.15–16.45 Parallel sessions

  • Paper sessions with comments

16.45–17.15 Break

17.15–18.30 Poster presentations*

  • Jury: Professor Thomas Moser (NO) University of South-Eastern Norway, Professor Per-Olof Erixon (SE) Umeå University, Professor Marit Ulvik (NO), University of Bergen
  • *You have three minutes to present your poster at the poster session

19.30 Conference dinner with entertainment

  • Announcement of the poster session winners

Tuesday 23 October

09.00–09.15 PLENUM

  • Morning exercise
  • Lars Bjørke (PhD student from cohort 8)

09.15–10.15 PLENUM

  • Keynote: The issue of relevance in researching educational leadership Download abstract (pdf file)
  • Professor Jorunn Møller (NO), University of Oslo
  • Chair: student cohort 7

10.15–10.30 Questions and discussion

10.30–11.00 Break

11.00–12.30 Parallel sessions

  • Paper sessions with comments

12.30–13.30 Lunch

13.30–14.30 PLENUM

  • Keynote: The powerful role of assessment lies in the feedback dialogue Download abstract (pdf file)
  • Professor Mien Segers (NL), Maastricht University
  • Chair cohort 8

14.30–14.45 Questions and discussion

14.45–15.15 Coffee break

15.15–16.00 PLENUM

  • Panel discussion: Validity and Value of teacher education research
  • Professor Gert Biesta, Professor Jorunn Møller, Professor Mien Segers, Professor Thomas Moser
  • Chairs: Julie Leonardsen and Hilde Salte (PhD students from cohort 9)

16.00–16.15 PLENUM

  • Summary and farewell
  • Professor Kari Smith (NO), Academic leader of NAFOL

Wednesday 24 October: Only for NAFOL students

09.00–09.30 Masteroppgave om NAFOL v/ John Ivar Sunde

09.30–09.45 Pause

09.45–12.00 Velg én av følgende:

  1. Kvalitativ metode og analyse v/ professor Kirsti Klette, Universitetet i Oslo
  2. How to write  a review paper v/ professor Mien Segers, Maastricht University
  3. Grown-up-ness and spiritual exercises: what does ‘being taught’ by the ancients mean? v/ professor Paul Otto Brunstad, NLA, og senior lecturer Stefano Olivierio, University of Naples Fredrico II

12.00–12.15 Oppsummering

12.15–13.15 Lunsj

13.15–14.45 Prosesseminar for Svein Heddeland (kull 7). Opponent: førsteamanuensis Karianne Skovholt, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge. Room: hotel

13.15–14.45 Prosesseminar for Marit Krogtoft (kull 7). Opponent: professor Hildegunn Otnes, NTNU. Room: hotel

13.15–14.45 Prosesseminar for Kåre Hauge (kull 6). Opponent: førsteamanuensis Kirsten Foshaug Vennebo, Universitetet i Tromsø – Norges arktiske universitet. Room: hotel

13.15–14.45 Prosesseminar for Irina Ivashenko Amdal (kull 7). Opponent: professor Kari Smith, NTNU. Room: Høgskolen i Innlandet, Campus Hamar, Biohus 3 – 112

13.15–14.45 Prosesseminar for Siri Sollied Madsen (kull 6). Opponent: professor Rune Krumsvik, Universitetet i Bergen. Room: hotel

13.15–14.45 Prosesseminar for Ellen Nesset Mælan (kull 7). Opponent: førsteamanuensis Catrine Thorbjørnsens Halås, Nord universitet. Room: Høgskolen i Innlandet, Campus Hamar, Biohus 3 – 114

13.15–14.00 Masterclass:

  • Merete H. Mortensen (kull 8) møter professor Gert Biesta. Room: hotel

14.15–15.00 Masterclass:

  • Ingfrid Veka (kull7) møter professor Thomas Moser, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge, Brunel University. Room: hotel