Validity and Value of Teacher Education Research

22 – 24 October 2018, Hamar

We are proud to invite you to the 5th NAFOL conference which takes place in Hamar, Norway, 22-24 October 2018.

The theme of the conference is Validity and Value in Teacher Education Research which was the AERA conference theme in 2002. We believe that the theme is just as relevant today as it was back in 2002, especially for the target audience of the conference, emerging researchers. For teacher education research to inform and improve education, researchers cannot compromise on the quality of their research which has to be valid research-wise as well as of value to all stakeholders of education.

Emerging researchers are invited to participate in the conference, to present their projects/papers and engage in discussions with peers and international experts. The keynote speakers are Professor Gert Biesta from Brunel University, Professor Jorunn Møller from University of Oslo, and Professor Mien Segers from Maastricht University. The NAFOL conference provides a unique opportunity for emerging researchers to meet with international renowned researchers.

We welcome you to the 5th NAFOL conference.

The Norwegian National Research School in Teacher Education

NAFOL is a national research school offering specialised education and training in the thematic fields of pre-school, school and teacher education, and was established to strengthen a research based perspective in the fields mentioned.

NAFOL is organised as a partnership between 7 Norwegian univer­sities and 12 university colleges, and is co-ordinated by the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

NAFOL gets support from NFR and is directly under PRAKUT research program.

NAFOL aims to provide PhD candidates with


  • Seminars
  • Conferences – national and international – in Norway
  • Economic support related to the above activities
  • Economic support related to research periods abroad



Lectures, discussions and written material connected to the seminars and conferences will be in Norwegian (as a main rule).

NAFOL receives funding from the Norwegian Research Council from 2010 through 2021.

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