Seminar 5 Umeå

– Developing academic identities in research and writing: from researchquestions to methodology

Joint doctoral research days at Umeå University

4.–6. mars 2019

Sted: Umeå universitet

Hotell: Comfort Hotel Winn

Påmeldingen er stengt

NB! Endringer i programmet kan forekomme

Mandag 4. mars

09.30–10.00 Rom: NBVH (Foyer)

  • Registration, Coffee

10.00–10.15 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Formal welcome (Kirk Sullivan, Kari Smith, Carina Rönnqvist and Björn Norlin)
  • Yoik performance by Michael Lindblad

10.15–11.15 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Theme introduction (Kirk Sullivan)

11.15–12.30 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Lecture: The struggle for research structures in teacher education v/ P-O Erixon

12.30–13.30 Joint lunch at Restaurant Universum

13.30–15.45 Rom: NBVH (14 paralell sessions)

  • Facilitated group work, part 1: Student presentations of own papers (5-10 minutes) and discussion (30-35 minutes) based upon outline of projects.
  • Facilitators: Kirk Sullivan, Kari Smith, Eva Maagero, Henning Fjørtoft, Enlli Thomas, P-O Erixon, Stefan Lundström, Daniel Nyström, Lena Ivarsson, Glenn Svedin, Yvonne Konspe, Niklas Lindström, Jenny Hellgren, Ulrika Widding (Carina Rönnqvist, Björn Norlin), et al.

15.45–16.10 Rom: NBVH (Foyer) Coffee

16.10–17.30 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Workshop: LCT (Legimitation Code Theory) in educational research. Presentation and discussion v/ professor Eva Maagero (Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge)

18.30 Guided tour, mingle and dinner at Bildmuseet

Tirsdag 5. mars

09.00–09.30 Rom: NBVH (Foyer) Coffee

09.30–11.00 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Lecture: Professionalism and professional development Kari Smith (TBA)

11.00–12.30 Rom: NBVH

  • Facilitated group work, part 2: Student presentations continued.
  • Same facilitator as part 1

12.30–13.30 Joint lunch at Restaurant Universum

13.30–15.00 Rom: NBVH

  • Facilitated group work, part 3: Student presentations continued.
  • Same facilitator as parts 1 & 2

15.00–15.30 NBVH (Foyer) Coffee

15.30–17.00 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Workshop: Methodological issues in educational research: Exploring theintersection between the humanities and social studies v/ Henning Fjørtoft

18.30 Dinner at Väven (P5)

Onsdag 6. mars

08.30–09.30 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Workshop: Computer keystroke logging for writing research and personal reflection v/ Kirk Sullivan & Yvonne Knospe

09.30–10.00 Rom: NBVH (Foyer) Coffee

10.00–11.30 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Workshop: Enlli Thomas (TBA)


  • Joint lunch at Restaurant Universum

12.30–13.30 Rom: NBVH 1031

  • Closing Circle – Discussion in small cross-school groups and plenary presentation of three points that each group have learned from the week’s programme.