Skrevet av Lise Porsanger

On June 17th I, together with my NAFOL Cohort 10 colleague Ingrid Ø. Buaas, traveled to the 2019 AIESEP (International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education) International Conference at Adelphi University in New York. This year’s conference theme was “Building Bridges for Physical Activity and Sport in order to inspire partnerships, connections and shared opportunities for physical education and lifelong physical activity, play and sport through institutions of higher education, schools and communities” (AIESEP, 2018).

Mennesker på scenen under åpning av konferanse. Photo

The theme of the conference turned out to be on the point, not only in in terms of the research presented but also in our experience as participants. As two to-become researchers we were able to learn from diverse research of physical education (PE) and physical education teacher education (PETE) from all over the world. We talked to several recognized researchers from the field and were able to choose and attend presentations by interest. Further, meeting researchers from countries such as South Africa and India provided a window to challenges in PE which are quite distinct from ours, but also some similarities. However, what might have made the most impact was the hospitality we were met with and how well the more experienced participants included us in both formal and informal settings. They went a long way in their efforts to introduce us to their connections and invite us to social events which was highly relevant for networking and making professional connections.

As for my own contribution, with a bit of nerves, I was to present my first (ever) poster based on the first article from my PhD-project which formally started in January 2019. Accordingly, there were a lot of first-time experiences on this conference. I had interesting discussions with those who came over to look at my poster and made some useful notes with regard to topic and poster presentation.

Lise Porsanger står med sin poster. Photo

The conference was rounded off with a skyline cruise and gala on Saturday evening where we could view the Statue of Liberty as well as the famous Manhattan skyline. As for the 2020 AIESEP international conference, it is set in Hong Kong next June. I will for sure make my efforts to participate, because it will be a genuine opportunity for those interested in this field of research: to learn from others, exchange knowledge and not the least, experience the culture of Hong Kong.

Utsikt fra sjøen mot Manhattan. Photo.

Finally, I would like to thank NAFOL for their economic support which have made it possible for me to participate at this conference and develop my ph-d-project and myself in the journey of becoming a researcher.