Skrevet av Dorota Lembrér

A few words about my experience of attending the Eleventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME11) in Utrecht, Nederland in February 2019.

This conference gather European researchers of mathematics education every second year. CERME is not a typical conference where researchers in a session present their paper and research proposal, this is a working conference where the spirit is to promote communication, cooperation and collaboration (the famous three Cs of CERME). It deliberately and distinctively moves away from research presentations by individuals towards collaborative group work. Its main feature is a number of thematic groups whose members will work together in a common research area. Researchers wishing to present a paper at the Congress should submit the paper to one of these groups. More about the CERME11.

I submitted my paper for working group 10: Diversity and Mathematics Education: Social, Cultural and Political Challenges. This paper aim to critical discuss the methodological choices for my PhD thesis, with title: Using photo-elicitation in early years mathematics research. After the conference, I had a few weeks to made changes in my paper, based on discussion in the thematic working group and got a notification in April that my paper has been accepted for publication and will be publish in conference proceedings.

One day before the CERME11 conference, the YERME-Day (for Young Researchers in ERME) is hold. The YERME-Day provides an opportunity for participants to meet senior European researchers in mathematics education, getting to know about their work and methodological approaches. In addition, YERME Day constitutes an important networking possibility for meeting young researchers from other countries, pursuing similar and not so similar research issues. I had been attending CERME conferences since 2013, and can tell that possibilities for networking and meeting with young researchers is a great opportunity provided by the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (ERME).

In the autumn last year, the ERME announced a call for nomination to ERME board and would elect one new representative for the young researchers (to be elected for 4 years). I carefully considered my candidacy, decided to candidate, and during the CERME11 conference, I was elected! It means that I together with a colleague from Italy represent the young researchers in the ERME board and in the future will organise Summer school and YERME-Days.

As I mentioned, CERME11 is a working conference, but it also include some fun, must of the fun is to re-connect with researchers I met before both at CERME and other diverse scientific meetings/workshops and courses. It was also great the meet Helene Hauge who is part if NAFOL cohort 9.

So, if you are interested in Mathematics education, visit ERME and YERME social networking sites for updates about young researchers activities. Facebook, Instagram: yerme_mathed and Twitter.