Cohort 6 (2015 – 2018)

Nina Aakernes – Change of vocational knowledge (docx file)

Anne-Mette Bjøru – Upper secondary education: How to hinder drop-out? (docx file)

Åse Norunn Nedrebø Bruvik – Abstract (docx file)

Evelyn Eriksen – The Principle of the Best Interests of the Child in a kindergarten context (docx file)

Bendik Fredriksen – Occupational identity and music teacher attrition/retention (docx file)

Joakim Evensen Hansen – «Educational Language Practices in Norwegian Kindergartens” (docx file)

Natallia B. Hanssen – Practical language stimulation for preschool children with language impairment (docx file)

Kåre Hauge – Lesson Study – as approach to teacher`s learning and professional development (docx file)

Agnieszka Jarvoll – Digital natives and learning processes in school (docx file)

Siri Sollied Madsen – Digital competence development at PPU in Tromsø.

Øystein Røsseland Kvinge – Teaching as improvised semiotic practice: a multiple case study of teacher students’ use of semiotic technology (docx file)


Gro Løken – Gender differences in vulnerable groups (docx file)

Ingrid Midteide Løkken – Quality in the relationship between adults and children: the relationship between relational quality and children’s social and emotional development (docx file)

Pauliina Maapalo – Wooden Artifacts made by Primary School Pupils ”Tell a Story” (docx file)

Nina Odegard – Aesthetic exploration with recycled materials – In light of materiality (docx file)

Brynjar Olafsson – Students’ opportunities for creative decision making in Arts and Crafts (docx file)

Ingvild Olsen Olaussen – Tilblivelsesfortellinger – Narrative expression by and for the youngest children in kindergarten (docx file)

Elizabeth Oltedal – Conviction and compromise: Assessment practices in instrumental teaching in Norwegian upper secondary schools (docx file)

Lillian Pedersen – Children ‘s movements on the preschool playground (docx file)

May Line Tverbakk – What characterises the reading didactic practices of teachers (docx file)

Vibeke Øie – Basic skills in Norwegian – the further reading literacy (docx file)