Cohort 5 (2014 – 2016)

Ann Margareth Gustavsen – The link between teachers’ teaching practices and boys and girls’ learning.

Erik Aasland – Physical education in theory and practice. The importance of the teacher for the design of the subject in practice.

Jannike Ohrem Bakke – Writing as a basic skill. A study of writing training and development of text standards in 7th grade.

Lena Dahl – Learning about safety and risk in outdoor life. A survey of accidents and near-accidents associated with outdoor class education at 3rd grade high school, as well as a case study of outdoor activities, safety culture and organizational management at four high schools.

Peter Gøtze – The role of primary and middle school students’ mathematical and democratic competences in classroom situations, including authentic debates.

Pia Skog Hagerup – Art as a perspective on education management.

Torhild Høydalsvik – New reform in kindergarten teacher education. How is the pedagogy subject’s assignment on interconnection and professionalization understood, planned, implemented and experienced?

Elisabeth Iversen – Learn outside! – A design-based research project on outdoor education in science at a high school.

Ingrid K. Jakobsen – Exploring Multimodal Text Culture in English.

Anne Jordhus-Lier – Professional understanding of cultural school teachers. A discrete theoretical study of proficiency in the cultural school as a local resource center.

Kristian Nødtvedt Knudsen – How can a drama-didactic design stimulate high school students to reflect critically on their use of social media?

Anna Rigmor Moxnes – Embedding the concept of praxis in early childhood teacher education.

Kathrin Olsen – The particularly vulnerable children with autism.

Sabreen Selvik – A childhood at the crisis center.

Gry Anette Tuset – Exercise Room: A teacher education practice for the pursuit of ambitious and improvisational mathematics teaching.

Tanja Walla – How do some Norwegian students and teachers experience and describe assessment of learning in science.

Astrid Camilla Wiig – Knowledge in Motion across Contexts of Learning; Investigating knowledge practices in and outside school.