NAFOL profile: Trine Telnes

Trine Telnes. FotoKindergarten teacher’s leadership praxis’ with the youngest children (1–2 years old)

I am a trained kindergarten teacher with ten years of work experience from several kindergartens, most of the years as a pedagogical leader in infant-toddler groups with pedagogical responsibility for the youngest children (0–3 years). I am fiercely committed to the kindergarten as an institution, and I have worked for the kindergarten children and the kindergarten teacher profession in various ways throughout my career. After completing my master’s degree at NTNU, I have worked with teaching and supervision of kindergarten teacher students in the subjects of pedagogy and infant-toddler pedagogy, as well as taken further education in university and college pedagogy. Now I work as a research fellow at Nord University, campus Levanger, where my doctoral project is an interdisciplinary study in professional praxis and kindergarten pedagogy. The project deals with kindergarten teachers’ pedagogical leadership practices in the interaction with the youngest children in the kindergarten. Through the study, I explore how kindergarten teachers’ leadership practices are produced and materialized in their pedagogical work with the youngest children, and what characterizes these leadership practices. Three toddler groups with their three respective kindergarten teachers have participated. For the collection of data on this phenomenon, my own physical presence in the children’s groups, the use of a handheld video camera and GoPro camera, and interviews with the kindergarten teachers have been particularly important. In the analysis of the data material, I have, among other things, developed an arts-based research practice that I have called cartoon analysis. With this project, the dream is to contribute new knowledge about pedagogical leadership of and with young kindergarten children, to make visible this unique part of the kindergarten teacher profession, and to strengthen the knowledge base of the profession, education and research.