NAFOL profile: Terje André Bringeland

Terje André Bringeland. photoThe impact of the PISA test in the Norwegian education system

I am a trained teacher and have a master’s degree in teaching science from Bergen University College. Before I started working on my doctoral thesis, I worked both as a substitute teacher and shift manager in the private sector. My professional interests are education policy, tests, professionalism, autonomy, leadership, social relations, system theory, accountability and power-relations. My doctoral thesis is a continuation of my master’s thesis with new theoretical and empirical perspectives. The focus on the PISA test as a research topic was initiated by a conversation on so-called PISA effects between me and other master students.

In research literature, there have been allegations that the PISA test has led to this and that in the Norwegian education system. Despite such claims, there has been little research from lower secondary schools and little use of theoretical overreaching conceptualizations in relation to this topic. I work critically on how and why this test has impacted the Norwegian education system. I analyze changes in macrostructures between two decades where PISA is situated, and how PISA is experienced and has an impact on the reflexivity of school leaders (principals) and amongst one mathematics teacher. This is a project that has a descriptive, explanatory and exploratory approach. The aim is to provide new insights and nuances to the topic using different methods in the design of case study research.

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