NAFOL profile: Svein-Erling Greiner

Svein Erling Greiner. photoThe fantasy of the critically reflecting kindergarten teacher – doings and conditions

I am a PhD candidate at KINDknow, kindergarten knowledge center, at Western Norway University for Applied Sciences, where I am admitted to the PhD-program called Bildung and pedagogical practices. My background is as a kindergarten teacher and I took a workplace-based kindergarten teacher education at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), where I also took my master’s degree . In my bachelor’s degree at OsloMet I took a specialization subject called ‘Language, power and kindergarten politics’, which was a watershed moment for my academic interests and development. The opportunity to delve into theoretical and philosophical perspectives that examine power, politics and culture resulted in a master’s thesis where I investigate research questions posed by Norwegian master’s theses in early childhood education and care with the theories of Slavoj Zizek as an analytical lens.

In my doctoral project I am doing an ethnography inspired fieldwork with a class of pre-service kindergarten teacher students. My aim there is to investigate the students’ doings and conditions for critical reflection. I am continuing my exploration into the theories of Slavoj Zizek, but also Jacques Lacan to see how students are subjectified in the kindergarten teacher education. The purpose of the study is to challenge conditions in the kindergarten teacher education from a student perspective.

I have presented my project, findings and analysis from my fieldwork at national and international conferences. There I have connected with other scientists with similar interests.