NAFOL profile: Solveig Marie Borgund

Solveig Marie Borgund. photoQuality in the Norwegian kindergarten teacher education – national standards and local work

I am a PhD candidate at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and enrolled into the research program Bildung and Pedagogical Practices. My background is from the University of Bergen where I have a master’s degree in Public Administration. My bachelor’s thesis was about developing a new plan for organizing upper secondary schools in a region in Norway. My master’s thesis was about dropout from Norwegian upper secondary school. I have also worked as a research assistant where I got the chance to work with research on organization and management of the Norwegian kindergartens, but also research on student motivations in upper secondary school.

My interest in education and training all the way from kindergarten to higher education was in many ways the motivation for developing my PhD project. My PhD project is a policy design study of the Norwegian kindergarten teacher education, which was subject for a large reform in 2012. The aim of the project is to look at how the reform has been interpreted and implemented, and if there is any room for local variations. It is a qualitative study based on collected documents and interviews.

The project has so far led to me being able to participate at international conferences. In this way, I have had the chance to expand my network and discuss my research with others in a bigger context. This is motivating for the further work.