NAFOL profile: Solveig Salthammer Kolaas

Aolveig Salthammer Kolaas. PhotoMeaning making in musical theatre projects in lower secondary school

”It’s incredibly fun! And at the same time tiring, intense and frustrating when everything is turned upside down before a performance. But then it’s so touching and worth it when you see students mastering and thriving!” This is what a teacher in lower secondary school says about teaching the optional subject production for stage.

In my doctoral study, I examine meaning making in musical theatre projects by investigating lower secondary teachers’ understandings of the subject production for stage. My PhD project is designed as a mixed method study. The data is generated through a nationwide questionnaire survey among teachers who teach the subject, and through a case study where I have followed four teachers through a school year, by interviews and observations. I plan to present my work through three articles: 1) The big picture: A mapping of the subject production for stage in Norway 2019, 2) For life itself: Teachers’ stories about the subject production for stage and 3) “Theatre is not a game!” The teacher community in the subject production for stage as a professional knowledge landscape.

I work as a music teacher at Nord University, Levanger. In addition, I am a freelance musician and head of Levanger Nye Teater. My research interests are particularly concerning for aesthetic subjects in school and performing arts. I feel lucky to be a part of NAFOL!