NAFOL profile: Selma Dzemidzic Kristiansen

Selma Dzemidzi Kristiansen. photoFace-to-face promotive interaction of cooperative learning

As a former primary school teacher, school pedagogue, and adviser (1994–2015) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I focused on students’ interactions and relationships for successful peer cooperation and learning. My International Master in Special Needs Education at the University of Oslo (2007) is about cooperative learning at primary school level that I used to support teachers’ preparation for cooperative and inclusive education in contexts of social and cultural diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Participating in many international research projects with a focus on classroom/school research towards inclusion such as the program Norwegian Cooperation Program on Research and Higher Education (WB 04/06), I have been occupied with the concept of peer cooperation.

My PhD project aims to contribute to a better understanding of educational aspects of face-to-face promotive interaction such as encouraging and supporting all peers who participate in a small learning group, and expressing satisfaction for the success of others. Enhancing young learners’ interaction with appropriate face-to-face promotive interaction is crucial for successful peer cooperation with small CL groups.
Being part of NAFOL kull 9A has a special contribution to understanding, practicing and challenging the development of my individual and professional identity as a PhD research fellow within the international academic network.