NAFOL-profile: Øystein Winje

Øystein Winje. photoDeep learning through Education Outside of the Classroom

I have a master’s degree in Educational Science with a specialization in Physical Education. In the master’s thesis, I examined primary school pupils’ and teachers’ experiences with Education Outside of the Classroom (EOtC). After four years as a teacher in primary school and gaining experience and practice with EOtC, I applied for a PhD scholarship.

Deep learning is a prominent term in current education discourse, but has mainly been examined through cognitive perspectives. I was therefore interested in investigating deep learning using embodied, practical, and social perspectives on learning, and EOtC is a way of teaching that emphasises these aspects of learning.

In this PhD project I look into the possibilities for deep learning in and through EOtC. Through a systematic literature review, I investigate how deep learning is defined in research literature. Through a fieldwork with participatory observation and qualitative interviews with pupils and teachers, I examine their experiences with regular EOtC, and how these experiences can be understood in connection to deep learning.

This material can contribute to a comprehensive understanding of deep learning in primary and secondary education because it, in addition to cognitive perspectives, emphasise embodied, practical, and social perspectives on learning.

For me, NAFOL is an arena for academic development through experienced and accomplished lecturers. In addition, the gatherings offer opportunities for networking with other researchers.