NAFOL profile: Ole Johan Sando

Ole Johan Sando. PhotoThe physical ECEC environment and children’s health

I am educated within sport science and have been teaching physical activity and health at the ECEC teacher education at QMUC since 2010. I have previously conducted research on how the safety focus in society affects children’s opportunities for physically active play in ECEC institutions, injuries and accidents in ECEC and young children’s outdoor activities.

I am currently a part of the project EnComptence funded by The Research Council of Norway. The project aims to develop knowledge about the physical environment of ECEC institutions. My PhD project explores the influence of the physical ECEC environment on children’s well-being and physical activity, two essential health indicators in childhood. Although the physical environment in ECEC institutions represents an essential part of the learning environment, there is limited knowledge about the role of the physical environment for children’s well-being and physical activity. My study aims to develop such knowledge.

The results in my study indicate that children experience well-being and engage in physical activity to a varying degree. Furthermore, the physical environment is of importance for children’s well-being and physical activity. By carefully designing and developing the physical ECEC environment, children’s well-being and physical activity may be promoted.