NAFOL profile: Ola Buan Øien

Ensemble leading in light of the record producer’s studio practice

Ola Buan Øien, photoI am a PhD candidate at Nord University, Levanger campus, Norway. I am affiliated with a research group for art and cultural subjects at the Faculty of Education. In the light of a constantly evolving role for the music teacher, where recording of music in the studio under the direction of the teacher today is part of the teaching in several schools and levels, I investigate different practices with a focus on the record producer as ensemble leader. The study is carried out with sub-studies of three active and prominent record producers’ practices. In addition, I examine what exists of previous research within the area.

The project is closely related to my own educational and performing background. I have a master’s degree in music combined with practical-pedagogical education from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2007. Furthermore, I worked as a music teacher in the culture school from 2004 to 2011. I have been working at Nord University, Levanger campus (former University College of Nord-Trøndelag), since 2011. In addition, I have worked in the record company, Trygvasound AS, since 1998. and been an actively performing musician since 1993.