NAFOL profile: Oda Julie Hembre

I have a Master’s degree in sociology from University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway, and started as a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Education in August 2015. My project is affiliated with ProTed’s (Center for Professional Learning in Teacher Education) focus area digital learning environments, and deals with professional digital competence in teacher education from students’ perspectives.

Studies show that concrete goals and strategies for developing PDC are not sufficiently established in teacher education (Lund m.fl., 2013). There is a need for a richer empirical foundation and a deeper understanding of how PDC is developed on a micro-level (Røkenes og Krumsvik, 2014). I therefore want to do an ethnographic fieldwork where I investigate how pre-service teachers interact with technology during the planning and implementation of an educational design in practice during their third year of study.

I have always been interested in sociology of culture, and for my Master’s thesis, I did a qualitative study of gamers (mainly from World of Warcraft) as participants of a subculture. I found that their experience of being stigmatized by society was integrated with their perceptions of games, digital spaces and the gaming activity in itself. I therefore became very fascinated by technology’s role in social life, and I will pursue this interest through my Ph.D. project. Although the subject is very different from gaming, the same technology-perspective, inspired by Actor-Network Theory, will form the theoretical framework in this project as well. I look forward to applying sociological perspectives on a field where technology has made a substantial impact on social change in one of society’s cornerstones. I see NAFOL as an essential resource for my transition into educational research.


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Røkenes, F. M. og Krumsvik, R. J. (2014) ‘Development of Student Teachers’ Digital Competence in Teacher Education – A Literature Review’, Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy (04).