NAFOL profile: Mette Helleve

Marit Helleve. Foto.

I am a trained as a school teacher from Denmark, and have a Cand.paed. from the University of Oslo with pedagogical/psychological counselling as my specialization. My Master thesis is on Hegel’s concept of recognition anchored indialectics as methodology, and I have, ever since, been curious about the relationship between individuality and sociality. I am interested in the emotional and relational aspects of the teacher’s work in the teacher education programme,because I consider these aspects as crucial for both pupils and students interms of academic, social and emotional learning. The purpose of my PhD projectis that more pupils, through the teachers’ work, will feel acknowledged, seen,heard and included in Norwegian schools. This requires that teachers, throughteacher education, develop a high degree of both emotional and relational consciousness expressed in interaction and presence between teachers andpupils. In my project, I will examine how student teachers and newly qualified teachers relate to emotional and relational aspect of the teaching profession.