NAFOL profile: Karen Birgitte Dille

Karen Birgitte Dille. photoNew School-based Mentors’ professional development as Teacher Educators

In my PhD study, I am following new school-based mentors during their first year as teacher educators. I have worked with field-practice for several years, and I have become interested in how good processes in field-based practice can be facilitated. Before I started the PhD study, I developed an online program, which the participants follow. The data material consists of logs and focus group interviews.

Now, in January 2021, I am more than halfway through my PhD. I have written a scoping review of teachers’ professional development participating in online programs. While waiting on a response from editors, I am fully occupied with analyzing the next two articles’ data material. I use different aspects of Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) based on Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory. I find it very fascinating having a more holistic approach instead of narrowing down to individual participants.

The original plan was to visit the University of Oxford in April–June. I was planning to meet a research group there who also uses CHAT, but this plan was replaced with home office and home school with my family. I cross my fingers for a more normal situation soon. This will also enable physical meetings in NAFOL, which I am looking forward to! The digital lectures have been OK, but I look forward to meeting everyone in cohort 10 for a pleasant chat.