NAFOL-profile: Ingunn Kvamme

Ingunn Kvamme. foto

I am a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Department of Education at the University of Agder, Norway. In the PhD project, I will study the Norwegian kindergarten in terms of being a social institution. I will especially focus on the cultural factors related to the kindergarten as a social institution. Specifically, this is a study of the upcoming revision of the Frame Work Plan for Norwegian Kindergartens. The aim of the study is to see different forms of arguments and perspectives regarding the Framework Plan, and hence kindergarten as a social institution in a wider cultural context. The study will be based on cultural sociological theory, theories from sociology of childhood and curriculum theories. The methods will be qualitative and empirically-based through interviews and documents. I have a Master of Sociology from the University of Bergen. I have also worked as social scientist and university teacher.