NAFOL profile: Ingrid Bjørkøy

The meaning of musical communicative aspects of the management and interactions with the youngest children in kindergarten

Ingrid Bjorkoy. photoThe PhD project aims to explore the meaning of the pedagogue’s musical communicative leadership and interaction with the youngest children in everyday activities in the kindergarten. The research project has a qualitative agenda and its methodology is hermeneutically phenomenological. The fieldwork has been conducted in a kindergarten for over a five-month period. I have generated data through video observations and conducted interviews with the pedagogues based on the video observations. I intend to address theoretical issues related to intersubjectivity, embodied phenomenology, musical communication and kindergarten pedagogy in a relational and aesthetical perspective.

I have been employed at the Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education, Trondheim, in the pedagogy section since 2011. In the past I have also taught in drama/theatre. In pedagogy, I have taught in various subjects at the bachelor’s degree programme such as subjects related to the youngest children in kindergarten as specialisation. I have also been involved with supervision, follow-up of students in practice, external guidance and lectures through the FEI assignment unit. I am an educated preschool teacher with drama/theatre and special education as focus areas. I have worked as a pedagogue in various kindergartens, especially in young children’s departments. In 2004 I graduated in preschool education and the title of the thesis was: “The art of meeting. Aspects of a dialogue between children and theatre art. – A commentary on the theatre performance “Speranzas travel”.