NAFOL-profile: Ellen Nesset Mælan

Ellen Nesset Mælan. foto

Ellen Nesset Mælan is PhD candidate at Inland Norway University of Applied Scienses, Department of Public Health. She is one of three candidates in the project, Schools, learning and mental health: a study of school-level factors and Process. Her doctoral project aims to explore how schools relate to students with mental health challenges and how these challenges and the school’s response to the challenges influence students learning. How schools collaborate with parents and with external services is an important part of the project.

Many years of work as a pedagogical-psychological counselor and clinical educator form the basis for her interest in this research field. The project will have a sequential exploratory mixed methods design with a combination of focus group interviews and survey study. Ten secondary schools, namely five schools in Bergen and five schools in Hedmark / Oppland, will participate in the study.