NAFOL profile: Anneke Kneppers

Bilde av Anneke Kneppers. fotoTeaching practices in two schools with contrasting social class compositions

I am a qualified primary school teacher with teaching experience from schools located in socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. As a teacher I found it difficult to meet the academic goals whilst my pupils were dealing with poverty and language issues. I also struggled with inequality issues, seeing my pupils going towards a different future than their peers living in more privileged parts of the city.

Due to an increasing segregation in cities, the social compositions of schools become increasingly contrasted. Teachers in the same city, but at different schools, deal therefore with very different pupil populations. In my PhD, I explore what characterises the teaching practices at the different schools.
With my research I hope to create awareness of the challenges teachers deal with at schools with pupils from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Moreover, I investigate possible consequences of certain pedagogic approaches in classrooms, especially in relation to the reproduction of inequality for pupils from working-class backgrounds.