NAFOL profile: Mette Marit F. Jenssen

Mette Marit Jenssen. photoProfessional learning communities in school

I have 16 years work experience as a primary school teacher. After a master’s degree in Mental health care, I worked for 6 years as a consultant for preventive mental health care in primary schools in the municipality of Hamar. In 2014, I became an Assistant Professor at the Centre for studies of Educational Practice at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. For several years I was a teacher educator in pedagogy, combined with being involved in different development projects in schools around the country. I was a University representative in a development project in Norwegian secondary schools, called “Ungdomstrinn i utvikling”. As well as a PhD candidate, I am a Study programme coordinator for a master’s degree in educational management.

My doctoral project is connected to a research and development project in former Hedmark county. One of the intentions of the project is to build capacity within and between schools and municipalities. The project’s intentions have a close relationship to national guidelines, that express that teachers should be actively participating in professional communities and contribute to developing the school into a learning organization. It is with great interest I dive into this thematic field about collective capacity building, which forms the core of my doctoral project. It is important for me to develop and share relevant knowledge to the field of practice, and in this way contribute to the development of collective capacity and quality in school.

Being a part of NAFOL has been important for my development and identity as a researcher. Collaboration with other NAFOL fellows has given me insight into other exciting research fields, inspiration and an increasing understanding of my own PhD project.