NAFOL profile: Merete Chatrin Rekdahl

Bilde av Merete Rekdahl. photoHow is the cooperation between school and working life managed in vocational education?

There are challenges in cooperation between school and working life in the school part of vocational education. A collaboration that is required for students to complete their education in their chosen field. My interest is to see how school management affects the cooperation between school and working life through a multi-level analysis of how the different actors experience cooperation.

I have a professional background with journeyman papers in two different subjects, hairdresser and typographer, and a master’s degree in school management. I have worked as a vocational teacher and school leader for several years, as well as worked with educational development work in the organization Ungt Entreprenørskap (Junior Achievement). I’ve also been involved in writing textbooks.

My professional combination and experience made me interested in the role of school management in cooperation between school and working life, as I experienced different practices and prioritization of this cooperation. The project will be a knowledge contribution to the discussion of school management in vocational subjects.

Through NAFOL I have made a good friend on the other side of the country in another field, which contributes to cooperation, development and fun.