NAFOL profile: Kim-Daniel Vattøy

Kim-Daniel Vattøy. PhotoFeedback practice as responsive pedagogy in teaching English as a foreign language

I am an Associate Professor at Volda University College with PhD in Educational Sciences from NTNU. I also have education as Qualified Teacher and have a Master’s degree in English didactics from NTNU. My Master project examined students’ perceptions of self-assessment in teaching English in lower secondary school and was important reason to why I became interested in feedback and assessment in English, which is something has been developed further in my PhD thesis.

My PhD thesis, “Feedback practice as responsive pedagogy in teaching English as a foreign language”, examines conditions for feedback practice as responsive pedagogy in teaching English in lower secondary school. A mixed methods design is used to highlight the topic from three distinct perspectives: classroom perspective through video observation, student perspective through surveys and teacher perspective through interviews. My supervisors have been Professor Kari Smith at NTNU and Professor Siv M. Gamlem at Volda University College.

I defended my PhD degree on 23 October 2020. The doctoral commission consisted of Professor Louise Hayward (University of Glasgow), Professor Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen (University of Jyväskylä) and Associate Professor Fredrik Mørk Røkenes (NTNU).
I have participated actively at international conferences during my time as a NAFOL student. I have presented at EARLI2018, ICSEI2019, NERA2020 and AARE2020. NAFOL organises also own international conferences where I have participated with paper presentation. The reason to why I have been able to participate extensively is thanks to the financial support from NAFOL as well as own institution. NAFOL additionally supported me financially during my international research visit to Brisbane in 2019. In Brisbane, I worked with international education and assessment researchers at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, ACU, which is led by Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith.

My participation in NAFOL has supported me in developing national and international research networks. At NAFOL gatherings I have been involved in constructive dialogues with other NAFOL students about relevant topics within educational research.