NAFOL profile: Kathrine Moen

Kathrine Moen. photoThe aim of my study is two-fold: 1. To gain knowledge about how different values are educated and negotiated in a kindergarten with religious and cultural diversity. 2. To discuss what role kindergartens play in developing an inclusive society. This is a case study in one kindergarten, and the data material consists of video observations of kindergarten practice and interviews with employees and parents.

I am a PhD candidate at Nord University with experience in teaching religion and ethics in both the general teacher education and kindergarten teacher education. My curiosity and motivation for this project come from work with values in the Framework Plan together with meetings with kindergarten staff and projects about multicultural kindergartens. Different values meet, and values change. At the same time, there are normative fundamental values in the kindergarten. What happens in practice when values meet in kindergarten? The concept of values is wide and unclear; kindergarten employees call it “a void”. This motivates me to study this field to gain increased consciousness concerning values in kindergarten. The project’s overall goal is to contribute to the debate on kindergarten’s role in developing “the new we” in society.

I have already conducted a pilot study in this field, and I presented some results from the PhD study at the Nordic Conference in Religious Education, Finland, in 2017.