NAFOL profile: Johannes Sæleset

Johannes Sæleset. PhotoPre-service teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge

Through my own teacher education, I have seen the need for knowledge about what makes good science teachers. Through my Ph.D. project, I can contribute to answering these questions by following pre-service teachers (PSTs) teaching science in school practica during their teacher education program. I observe, video tape, and interview the PSTs in order to find out what their instructional practice look like, what is inspiring their instructional decisions, and what is the role of specialized science courses in their program.

Through this, I can contribute to a limited research base on PSTs’ development of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). I develop new methods of analyzing classroom video recordings and stimulated recall interviews, where the PSTs comment on their thinking during lesson planning and enactment based on viewing the instruction on tape.

By investigating the classroom practice of PSTs in a Norwegian teacher education program, I have initiated an important research endeavor to build knowledge on how the Nordic model of science teacher education benefit future teachers.

As I am in the last year of my program, I am glad to report findings which spread optimism about the quality of our future teachers and I have communicated my research in Research Grand Prix. As the dissertation takes form, I look forward to continuing to take advantage of the competence on teacher education research which I have access to as a NAFOL student.