NAFOL profile: Ingrid Jensvoll

Ingrid Jensvoll. photoEducation for sustainability and action competence in Natural science

I have a MSc degree in biology and have for several years worked at a research project at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway, that studies the impact of climate change on arctic ecosystems. In this position, I developed a school project to disseminate knowledge and research to local schools. Through this work, I became curious on how we can educate children to give them action competence and hope for the future, in the face of climate change and loss of biodiversity.

In my doctoral degree, I focus on education for sustainability and action competence, with bumblebees as example organisms. Bumblebee is a pollinating insect that is well suited for education at all levels: They exist almost everywhere in Norway, they are threatened by environmental- and climate change. In addition, it is easy for students to contribute with bumblebee friendly measures. In my study, I interview students, parents and teachers to see if the students have changed their knowledge, attitude or action after the education. I will also develop an app, with a species key for registering bumblebees, to see if students can contribute to citizen science on bumblebees.

With a background from science, it is very useful for me to improve my theoretical knowledge in teacher education research through NAFOL. It is nice to be part of the professional and social network that NAFOL creates for doctoral students.