NAFOL profile: Ingrid E. Elden

Ingrid Elden. PhotoI am a PhD candidate at Nord University, Levanger campus, at the Faculty of Education and Arts. I have a master’s degree in Pedagogy from NTNU, in Trondheim. My master’s thesis explored participants in Adult Education and their experiences of participation in the Norwegian society. Previously, I worked as a teacher in Lower Secondary Education, and as a homework helper for students in Adult Education.

In my doctoral dissertation, I investigate practices that appears in multicultural classrooms with adult students participating in Lower Secondary Education for Adults. I have used video-stimulated recall and observed and interviewed six teachers at two different schools. Through interpretative-hermeneutical analysis I found phenomena that recur in several cases. These phenomena appear in different practices in the interaction between teachers and students, and I look at the conditions (arrangements) that enable and constrain how a practice can unfold. I discuss these issues using a theoretical framework of Theory of Practice Architectures and Intercultural Education.

NAFOL has provided me with an overview of the diverse and broad field of educational research nationally and internationally. NAFOL has also through financial support, given me the possibility to participate and present my project at the NERA conference in Uppsala 2019.