NAFOL profile: Ingfrid Veka

I have worked as a teacher in primary school for five years, and since 2013 I have worked as a university college teacher in the Food and Health subject in teacher education, kindergarten teacher education and public health education at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. I finished my teacher education degree in 2006, and prior to this I worked as a product developer at Dale of Norway.

After visiting many schools through teacher training practice visits, I have become increasingly interested in how the principal and Food and Health teachers understand and carry out the subject. Not all schools carry out the subject in a satisfactory manner, considering that pupils are expected to have achieved specific competence aims in the subject after the 4th grade and 7th grade. This observation has inspired my PhD work. Today, there exist few empirical studies in the Food and Health subject at the primary school level. The aim of my study is to contribute to new didactical knowledge in a subject with few empirical studies.

To me, NAFOL is an important network and a solid support in the process of becoming a future researcher.