NAFOL profile: Hege Fimreite

Hege Fimreite. photoPeer guidance and change of the collective knowledge in the kindergarten

That learning takes place in social interaction has followed me from kindergarten to doctoral dissertation. I am a trained preschool teacher and educational therapist, with experience as a manager in kindergarten and as an educational therapist in BUP. The main thesis in preschool pedagogy examines the interaction between the oldest children in the kindergarten, while in my doctoral dissertation I examine the interaction between the kindergarten teachers. In 2011 I was employed at Sogn & Fjordane University College, which in 2017 merged to Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, first as an assistant professor and in 2015 as head of department for the kindergarten teacher education. Responsibilities and teaching tasks have mainly been in guidance, special education and leadership, and my research interest has developed into peer guidance in the kindergarten teachers’ professional learning community. The PhD position came with the merger, and with the theme “Guidance and the learning kindergarten” I had to apply. Based on qualitative data from two kindergartens, I examine peer guidance as an approach to the development of the kindergarten as a learning organization, the supervisor’s role in peer guidance as a learning community and peer guidance between the everyday life and the world of systems in the kindergarten. Based on my results, I develop a theory of creative tensions and central knowledge movement in the kindergarten, identified in the peer guidance, with the aim of promoting the kindergarten teacher as a professional.

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