NAFOL profile: Elena Merzliakova

Elena Merzliakova. photoI have taken pre-school education at the Russian State Educational University in St. Petersburg and then a master’s degree in pedagogy at the University of Tromsø, Norway. In my master’s thesis, I have written about pedagogical practices in kindergarten in Norway and in Russia. The data consisted of kindergarten management documents and observations in kindergartens.

After many years of experience in pre-school teacher education in Norway, I have begun to think about how we can build long-term cooperation between kindergarten teacher education in the north across borders. What can we cooperate on to develop each other’s education and each other’s understanding? How can we involve students in single and joint research projects?

Now I am working on a student exchange project with the goal of following the students’ learning in line with intentions in the study plans. We also try to build a research collaboration between staff in pre-school education in northern Norway and northern Russia.