NAFOL profile: Anne-Grete Kaldahl

The project’s goal is to gain an understanding of what orality at the junior high level could be. I wish to find out how teachers structure teaching when the goal is learning through orality, and what context there is between teachers’ didactics and students’ understanding of orality. The main issue is: How do teachers and students interpret and use orality in subjects at the 10th grade level? The project’s primary empirical base will be classroom observations and in-depth information obtained through interviews with a strategical selection of students and teachers at the 10th grade level. The project has an ambition to uncover the lack of studies on the reality of work on oral skills in primary education.

I choose to place this project within a social constructionist understanding. I will utilize theories by Mead, Vygotsky, Bandura, Bakhtin and Gee. The project will also be linked to rhetoric. Work with the classification of orality is inspired by Kjell Lars Berge’s writing wheel.

I am particularly interested in the understanding of and the development of oral skills. I obtained my Master in Educational Psychology in the United States. I am an experienced elementary and junior high school teacher. In addition, for the last seven years she has been employed as an instructor in Educational Psychology at OsloMet. Simultaneously with my PhD project during the next four years, I will continue my teaching at OsloMet.