NAFOL profiles

Solveig Marie Borgund. Foto

PhD Candidate, Cohort 9A
Solveig Marie Borgund

Solveig Marie Borgund is a PhD candidate at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Her project is about quality in the Norwegian kindergarten teacher education. The project is a policy design study and the focus is on how a reform is interpreted and implemented at the Universities.

Kristin Belt Skutlaberg. photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Kristin Belt Skutlaberg

Kristin Belt Skutlaberg is a PhD candidate at NLA University College in Bergen. In her thesis she explores how principals, as leaders, experience demanding and unforeseen events in school. The focus is more specifically on events that lead to long-term relational challenges between the principal and employees, parents or school owner (authorities).

Ola Buan Øien, photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Ola Buan Øien

Ola Buan Øien is a PhD candidate at Nord University, Levanger campus, Norway. His PhD project is titled: ‘Rethinking ensemble leading in light of the record producer’s practice’.

Merete Mortensen. foto

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Merete Mortensen

Merete Mortensen is a PhD candidate at the University of South-East Norway. Her PhD project seeks information about kindergarten teachers, as well as theoretical and practical understandings of the concept of formation, particularly as related to the new national Framework Plan for the Content and Tasks of Kindergartens (Kunnskapsdepartementet, 2017).

Kathrine Moen. Photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Kathrine Moen

Kathrine Moen is a PhD candidate at Nord University where she teaches religion and ethics in the teacher educations. In her PhD project, she studies how values are negotiated and how they play together in a multicultural kindergarten in Norway.

Elena Merzliakova. photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Elena Merzliakova

Elena Merzliakova is a PhD candidate at UiT, Arctic University of Norway, Alta campus. Her doctoral project focuses on dialogues about the concept of learning in the kindergarten context in northern Norway and northern Russia. The aim of the project is to contribute to a better understanding of the learning concept, the internationalization of pre-school education and students’ involvement in research and development work.

Beathe Liebech-Lien. Photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Beathe Liebech-Lien

Beathe Liebech-Lien is a PhD candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim. In her doctoral project, she examines the significance of teachers’ professional learning communities for the use of cooperative learning in the teaching for student learning.

Øyvind Wiik Halvorsen. photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Øyvind Wiik Halvorsen

Øyvind Wiik Halvorsen is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen. His PhD project concerns questions of the purpose of education, teachers’ self-understanding, and the relationship between teachers and Bildung traditions in their school subjects.

Grå boks

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Nina Fallingen

Nina Fallingen is a PhD candidate at the University of Southeast Norway. Her doctoral project focuses on how relations between student teachers and materials in the school subject, arts and crafts, can contribute to eco-transformative learning.

Oda Heidi Bolstad. photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Oda Heidi Bolstad

Oda Heidi Bolstad is a PhD candidate at Volda University College. Her study focuses on how school leaders, teachers and students understand the mathematical literacy concept, and how students’ mathematical literacy development is facilitated in schools.

Ingrid Bjørkøy photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Ingrid Bjørkøy

Ingrid Bjørkøy is a PhD candidate at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education. Her research is concerned with the youngest children in kindergarten and disciplines such as intersubjective relations, improvisation, embodied phenomenology and aesthetic inputs for management understanding and interaction.

Portrettbilde av Ingvill Bjornstad Aaberg. photo

PhD Candidate, Cohort 8
Ingvill Bjørnstad Åberg

Ingvill Bjørnstad Åberg is a PhD candidate in social studies didactics at Nord University, Norway. She holds a master’s degree in social anthropology and has also studied Norwegian as a foreign language. Åberg has previously worked as a Norwegian teacher for foreign pupils. In her doctoral work, she is conducting critical investigations of conceptions of diversity in school.