NAFOL seminar in Dublin

23–24 September 2019

Venue: University College Dublin

Monday 23 September

Room: Building 71 ALE

09.30–10.00 Welcome, artistic contribution

  • Associate Professor William Kinsella (University College Dublin), Associate Professor Jennifer Symonds (University College Dublin), Associate Professor Ann MacPhail (University of Limerick) og professor Kari Smith (NTNU)

10.00–10.15 Getting to know each other: mix and mingle, introducing yourself, and one sentence about your project

10.15–11.00 Functions of Assessment in in Teacher Education

  • Professor Kari Smith (NTNU)

11.00–11.15 Break

11.15–12.30 Being a doctoral student in Ireland and in Norway

  • Irish and NAFOL doctoral students talk about their experiences as doctoral students, context, support system, supervision, final submission, viver/public defence, job opportunities, etc. Questions and answers
  • Yueying Gong (UoL) and Gavin Murphy (UCD) talks about being a doctoral student in Ireland
  • NAFOL student Anne-Grete Kaldahl talks about being a doctoral student in Norway

12.30–13.15 Sandwich lunch

13.15–14.00 Walking tour of UCD (guided walk to group reflection venue), guided walk by Jennifer Symonds, Gavin Murphy and Rachel Farrell

14.00–16.00 JOINT GROUP-REFLECTION (mixed groups of five)

  • Present your research questions and methodology in depth- a written text to be submitted in advance
  • Chairs: Symonds, MacPhail, Farrell, Ulvik and Smith
  • Rooms: C112, C113, C116, C120, C120Hea

16.00–17.00 Inclusive Education in ITE

  • Associate Professor William Kinsella (UCD)

18.00–19.30 NAFOL invited dinner at UCD

Tuesday 24 September

Room: Building 71 ALE

09.15–10.00 Keynote: Ethics in Educational Research

  • Professor Marit Ulvik (University of Bergen)

10.00–10.15 Mix and mingle 2

  • Meet someone new and say ONE sentence about how you will improve your project, reflecting on the feedback you received during the group reflection session

10.15–11.00 Keynote: Teacher educator as researcher: striving towards a greater visibility for teacher education.

  • Associate Professor Ann MacPhail (University of Limerick)

11.00–11.15 Break

11.15–12.30 Key note: Teacher Education in Ireland: At a Crossroads?

  • Professor Judith Harford (University College Dublin)

12.30–13.15 Sandwich lunch

13.15–14.00 Key note: The Teacher Education and Education Research in Ireland

  • Associate Professor Ann MacPhail (University of Limerick)

14.00–14.45 Mix and mingle 3 and break

  • While taking a break, in small groups, decide on five questions to ask the round table panel members about assessing a dissertation.

14.45–15.30 Round table: Assessing a dissertation – Questions from the students

  • Fahie, Ulvik and Smith

15.30–16.00 Conclusion

  • Kari Hagatun, Rachel Farrell (University College Dublin), Dylan Scanlon (UoL) and Professor Kari Smith (NTNU)

19.30 Dinner: NAFOL students and team: Irish Night, Knightsbridge, Bar Arlington Hotel, 23-25 Bachelors Walk O\Connell Bridge