NAFOL´s main goal

NAFOL’s main goal is to enhance quality in all types of teacher education through a targeted, robust and long-term commitment to organized research in a national network of cooperative institutions.

NAFOL will

  • Contribute to the training of PhD candidates associated with teacher training and school, and their theses that will be particularly relevant to professional practice.
  • Systematically strengthen the supervisory and advisory expertise in teacher education programmes.
  • Develop comprehensive, relevant courses within the compulsory component of the PhD programme.
  • Develop binding cooperation with Norwegian and international research schools.
  • Have a special responsibility as to improve the NAFOL students’ abilities in lecturing and communication.
  • Offer organized training for other groups of staff dealing with teacher education programmes, in particular those aiming for qualification as Associate Professors.

Academic content

The academic content of NAFOL is a variety of activities, and NAFOL’s primary academic task is the seminars arranged for the PhD Candidates four times each year. The time schedule shows the structure of the academic year at NAFOL and the timing of the different activities.

NAFOL provides economic support to the development of PhD courses with special relevance for NAFOL’s research profile. In addition, the NAFOL network’s  institutions offer a number of PhD courses.

NAFOL organizes a conference with a theme related to NAFOL’s profile every second year.

NAFOL invites participants of the  Associate Professor programmes to seminars 1-3 times a year.


Thematically, NAFOL has developed around two main areas, both central to teacher education programmes and practices. Within each of these fields, groups of NAFOL students will be established to strengthen the academic relationship, depending on the students’ specializations. The two overarching areas are:

  • Academic and vocational education
  • The teacher’s mandate in society, understanding of the teacher profession and professional development