NAFOL profile: Anja Synnøve Bakken

Anja Synnøve BakkenI have been teaching in upper secondary schools in English and French for about 20 years.  Since 2009, I have worked as a lecturer in literature and culture for students primarily in lower secondary teacher training (grades 8-10). I have become increasingly interested in how texts can be exploited for the purpose of foreign language acquisitions, as well as experiencing as increased awareness of genre and context. The English Subject Curriculum for this level requires that the learner masters a series of different communicative contexts. In that sense, the English language classroom is supposed to prepare the learner for the multitude of texts that teenagers encounter every day. This reality necessitates awareness of genre specific criteria and consciousness of the actors in the communicative event.  My own experience and a preliminary study among practicing teachers suggest that learners encounter a diversity of texts in the English language classroom. What I wish to explore further is teachers’ cognition about the texts they choose and what they want to achieve by using these texts.

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