NAFOL profile: Yngvil Søholt

Yngvil SøholtMy PhD-study aims to generate knowledge on how physical education in school affects adolescent’s every-day life and development. By following two samples of adolescents through middle school and high school respectively,  I hope to find new knowledge about adolescent development og how physical education may affect this development.

I have a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tromsø, and have had focus on motivation in outdoor recreation and physical activites and on good lives through my study period. I have been involved in several projects focusing on motivation and eagerness to physical activity after my studies. There is, at the time, little knowledge about how pupils experience the physical education classes, and the relevance of physical education in adolescent development. This study may generate new knowledge about the relevance of physical education in Norwegian education.

I am still in the initial phase of my PhD studies. I will attend some mandatory courses this autumn (2013). I am planning the first wave of survey during spring 2014.

Abstract (docx file)