NAFOL profile: Tuva Broch

Tuva BrochI hold a master’s degree in social anthropology from the University of Oslo. My thesis was based on 6 months fieldwork among old order Amish in Wisconsin. The founder of the community in which I lived descended from an old order Amish community in Indiana. He established “Orchard” with the hope of returning to a basic old order lifestyle. This made the community one of the most conservative in the US. My dissertation focuses childhood, play and boundary work as part of maintaining a strong community spirit and feelings of belonging.

I am on my second year as a PhD candidate at the Norwegian School of Sport Science (NIH). Currently, I am doing fieldwork in Norway within an outdoor education center for children and youth who do not participate in other organized leisure time activities. The project will explore if or how outdoor activities (friluftsliv) as a socio-cultural condition impacts meaning-making throughout childhood. My aim is to contribute to cross-cultural understandings of how (children and) youth, both ethnic Norwegians and ethnic minorities, create meaning in everyday life. The study will also illuminate the position and value the participants ascribe to nature, outdoor activities and bodily movement. I also focus relations; family, friends, activity leaders and school, and children’s social organization, hierarchy, emotions and (social) inequality become central themes.

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