NAFOL profile: Tony Burner

Tony BurnerI have experience from teaching various levels of education – lower secondary, upper secondary and adult education. The last four years, I have been working at Buskerud University College, Faculty of Teacher Education, teaching English and English Education to graduate and postgraduate students. I have also experience with virtual teaching of English.

My BA is in Culture and Social Studies, with minors in History and Norwegian as a Second Language, and MA in English Language with a thesis about the teaching and learning of English grammar in the Norwegian upper secondary school. In addition, I have taken various postgraduate courses in Mentoring and Teacher Profession.

During the years at Buskerud University College, I have been involved in several interesting projects, including the development of a European teacher education for primary schools, collaboration between teacher educators, teacher students and teachers through action learning and action research, mentoring newly qualified teachers, and student centered learning. These projects have increased my interest in classroom research and collaboration with the field of practice.

In this project, my aim is to study an area of education in which we have little research-based knowledge about, namely portfolio assessment in English in lower secondary school in Norway. The relation between portfolio assessment and learning will be central. The aim will be to show how a process oriented approach to assessment in English as a foreign/second language can be of importance for the pupils’ learning. There is a need for such case studies where teachers can recognize the research context, use the research text as an artifact and in the next step improve the assessment practices in schools.

Abstract (pdf file)