NAFOL profile: Tanja Walla

Assessment for learning as a mediating tool to promote verbal and written argumentation in science

Tanja Walla

The overall aim is to develop and explore a research project in which the researcher cooperates with science teachers to improve practice and provide insight into how we can promote students` competencies in verbal and written argumentation by using assessment for learning as a mediating tool. Methods to meet this aim will be the qualitative approaches interactive action research and action learning. This collaborative setting and the data production will take place in an upper secondary school in Norway.

Nesna University College finances my PhD study. In addition to my PhD study I teach science education at the first degree teacher education programme and at the master`s degree programme. Mentoring master’s degree students is also a part of my job. My background is the general teacher education programme, and I have been working as a teacher in upper secondary school more or less since 1993. During these years I have done continuing and further education in science subjects and subjects at second degree level in Education, but I never finished the thesis of this programme. My master`s degree is part from the science educator programme at Nesna University College. In my master`s study “Da lær i hvert fall eg mye meir” I tried to explore how students perceive and describe assessment for learning practiced in science. Thus, the engagement in my PhD project is created from my own teaching and research experiences.

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