NAFOL profile: Siv Yndestad Borgen

Cultural formation of identity of schoolbased teacher educators

Siv Yndestad BorgenSiv Yndestad Borgen studied for a Master´s degree in education from 1999. The main issue in her work was educational and philosophical discussion of the guidelines L-97 in the light of Hans Skjervheim´s philosophy. Later she worked in management at high school, and in recent years as a lecturer in teacher education at Bergen University College.

In the latest reform of teacher education the field of practice is referred to as an equal education arena to the field of theory. This requires good cooperation between these fields. In her ongoing Ph.D project Siv wants to look at how student teachers identify themselves as teacher educators, aiming later at working actively to improve cooperation and communication between theory and practice in the teacher education field. Work on the project will consist of several phases, in both reviewing research in the field, and collecting and analyzing data. Data collection will consist of both interview and observation.

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