NAFOL profile: Sigrun Slettner

Literacy practices in ECE (Early Childhood Education). A study of ECE Teachers providing for children’s early literacy

Sigrun SlettnerSigrun Slettner is employed at the Vestfold University College since 2012. She participates in the project «Early childhood teacher education: students’ knowledge and understandings of early literacy – their trajectories of learning», led by professor Liv Gjems.

Professor Liv Gjems and professor Vibeke Grøver are her supervisors.

Slettners doctoral work has the preliminary title: Literacy practices in ECE-Early Childhood Education. A study of how ECE teachers work with children’s early literacy.

She has done field studies in Norwegian and Swedish preschools and has video filmed everyday conversations there. She has also interviewed newly educated ECE teachers on how they work with children’s language and about what their beliefs on their own practice and knowledge on the matter are.

Slettner holds a master’s degree in pedagogy from University of Oslo (2003) with the thesis “ Til gagn eller fornøyelse. Fortelling som danningsmoment i skolen.» She has worked as a teacher in elementary school and in adult education, at the Directory of Health and at NAV.