NAFOL profile: Sidsel Sandtrøen

Sidsel SandtrøenSidsel Sandtrøen is employed at Oslo and Akershus University College, Faculty of Education and International Studies, Department of Vocational Teacher Education. Here she teaches mentoring, supervision and coaching. She is a PhD student at Roskilde University in Denmark.  Her PhD project deals with the development of the sense of self as a supervisor/mentor/coach. The focus is on students in tutoring and coaching, practice teachers and tutors/mentors for newly qualified teachers in vocational education.

Through several years as a teacher in didactics and educational theory in teacher education, she has been particularly concerned about teachers ‘ professional competence and role understanding.

In this respect, students’ learning outcomes in practice seem important. How learning outcomes depend on practice teachers’ guidance and mentoring the students’ professional development, has been one of her professional interests. For students in the mentor’s/supervisor’s course their development in the supervisor role is interesting. When the mentor/supervisor students are teachers too, it will be significant to learn how the supervisor role interacts with the role as a teacher. This seems important for the execution of mentoring and coaching in different areas in the secondary school system.

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