NAFOL profile: Peter Gøtze

Peter GøtzePeter Gøtze is a PhD student at Bergen Univercity College and is enrolled in the doctoral program entitled “Didactics of mathematics, chemistry and physics with connections to history and philosophy of science” at Roskilde University. He has previously worked as a mathematics teacher at upper secondary level and as an external lecturer at Roskilde University. In his research project Peter investigates how teacher students in mathematics at the masters level utilize their democratic and mathematical skill set in relation to current societal debates. His goal is to provide an insight into possibilities presented to future primary and lower secondary teachers with regards to including authentic and current societal debates into the mathematics education. This type of education can hopefully strengthen students ability to relate to societal debates where mathematical models serve as part of the argumentation, but also to strengthen the students general mathematical competencies.

Abstract (docx file)