NAFOL profile: Pauliina Maapalo

Paulina Heiskanen. Foto.My name is Pauliina Maapalo, and I am a Finnish citizen residing in Nesna, Norway, since 1997. I have education as carpenter from Finland, and I have, generally, a great interest in crafts, especially in the material, wood. In Norway I have completed teacher education to teach in practical and aesthetic subjects (HiNe). I have a Master’s degree in arts and crafts (Telemark University College). Right now I am employed as a lecturer in arts and crafts at HiNe. For a long time, I have been occupied with the quality of woodworking in the arts and crafts subject in Norwegian schools. In addition, I am very interested in questions related to the environment and sustainability. In this study, I aim to gather a wide material in the form of photographs of students’ crafted woodwork-artifacts in wooden materials at primary schools. The artifacts are analyzed focusing on the craftsmanship. The analysis is followed by an interview study focusing on didactic thinking of selected teachers.

Right now I am working on the first phase where I try to establish contact with relevant schools and teachers for the study via a survey that also involves an invitation to the study’s next phases.

Abstract (docx file)