NAFOL profile: Ole Petter Vestheim

Regional differences in results in national examinations

Ole Petter VestheimThe basis for his research project is to explore why there are such big differences between Nord-Trøndelag and Sogn og Fjordane when it comes to national test results.  Schools in Sogn og Fjordane score very good compared with other regions in Norway, and especially compared with Nord- Trøndelag which has weak results. On the basis of this knowledge, county administrators in both regions want to investigate why these differences occur. Later Aust- Agder, Hedmark and Oppland regions have joined in and wanted to take part in the project, as they are also getting poor results.

Ole Petter`s study will focus on schools with  good results on national tests, both in Sogn og Fjordane, Aust – Agder and Nord-Trøndelag. More precisely, he aims to identify conditions attached to leadership and teaching practices in schools in these regions and try to find out whether these conditions may have an impact on the results of the national tests.

His research is based on a qualitative approach and it will be based on interviews with managements, teachers and students. Also, observations of classroom practices are central,
and will contribute to give thick descriptions to the study.

Abstract (docx file)