NAFOL profile: Nina Aakernes

Nina Aakernes. Foto.The vocational qualifications required for most occupations in the media industry have changed rapidly during the last year, and are in continuous change. The convergence and change in technology means that old differences between occupations are vague or non-existent. These great changes in short time make this field interesting to explore. The PhD study aims to generate knowledge about which consequences the requirements of continuous changes make for development of vocational knowledge, the occupational identity and the confidence in vocational practice. The study will also look into to what extent the requirements of broader qualifications affect the vocational expertise.

The Educational Programme for Media and Communication in upper secondary education will undergo changes during the next years. In June 2013 it was decided by The Norwegian Parliament to change the educational programme from vocational to general studies. It was also decided that the apprenticeship programmes for Media Graphics Artist and Photographer are to be a part of Vocational Studies, and that the need of new apprenticeship programmes for film/multimedia are to be inquired.

I find it important to seek knowledge about the existing apprenticeship programme for Media Graphics Artist, look into the connection between learning in school and the different enterprises, and examine which qualities there are in vocational education within the media education in upper secondary education. This knowledge may be important in the process of implementing the new curricula. By February 2015, it has not been decided how the vocational media education in upper secondary school will be changed.

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