NAFOL profile: Mette Nygård

Learning in daycare-centers. The youngest children

Mette NygårdMette Nygård is a PhD student in Education at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education. She has a master’s degree in Education from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).  She has worked as a lecturer in education at NTNU, and as a researcher assistant at the Norwegian Centre for Child Research on the project «Day-care centers in transition. Inclusive practices”. Here she carried out 11 depth interviews with 11 preschool teachers about day-care centers and inclusion in everyday practice.

The title of her Phd project is «Learning in daycare-centers. The youngest children”. The project is twofold. One part of the project aims to identify what the concept of learning / the learning discourse from state political level is considered to be. The main focus will be on the recent 10 years.Through a  critical discourse analysis of political documents and the National Curriculum Regulations for Norwegian day-care centers (Rammeplan for barnehagens innhold og oppgaver) she will seek to provide a representation of what the concept of learning contains and investigate whether the concept of learning has changed content during these ten years.

In addition, qualitative interviews with preschool teachers working with the youngest children in daycare-centers will be carried out. Nygård aims at getting a picture of what preschool teachers’ understanding of the concept of learning is. What does the concept of learning mean to the preschool teachers? And how do they work with learning in their everyday/daily practice?  The voices of the preschool teachers will be important in illuminating the concept of learning, and to illuminating how the learning concept can be understood based on the youngest children’s everyday presence in daycare centers.